Making Connections Teacher's Edition Book 4, Reading Comprehension Instruction, Grade 4

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Designed to complement the Making Connections Student Book 4 (sold separately), this Teacher’s Edition Book 4 is the must-have aid for teaching reading comprehension. Inside, you’ll find a reduced version of the Student Book pages (with correct answers overlaid), along with teacher’s lesson notes and plans around the margin, reproducible assessments to track students’ learning progress, and more.

A “Before Reading” section includes a skill focuses with semi-scripted class introduction, a “Background Knowledge’ section that encourages students to relate to the lesson, and “Text Structure & Purpose” section that explains the point of the lesson. A “During Reader” portion of each lesson includes comprehension questions, vocabulary notes, and cooperative learning group activities; an “After Reading” section provides graphic organizer activity instructions. English Language Learner (ELL) support is provided throughout.

Product Features

  • This Teacher's Edition is the educator's complement for the Making Connections Student Book 4 (sold separately)
  • Direct scaffolded instruction (from modeling to guiding to coaching) includes variations to accommodate diverse learners across each unit, including English Language Learners
  • Text Connections outlined will help you help students evaluate and integrate content across texts for greater comprehension
  • Reproducible multiple-choice assessments reflect standardized test formats
  • Instructional guide is flexible enough to use in any teaching situation and includes various resources for the classroom or childcare center

Product Includes:

  • 1 Reading Comprehension Instruction Book