S.P.I.R.E. Magnetic Phoneme Segmentation/Phoneme Grapheme Chart

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Model phonemic awareness activities with this two-sided, 15 x 18 inch magnetic chart. Magnetized Sound Circles and Syllable Rectangles are included.

SPIRE is a research-proven reading intervention program for your lowest performing students. It is designed to build reading success through an intensive, structured, and spiraling curriculum that incorporates phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in a systematic 10-Step lesson plan.

Product Features

  • S.P.I.R.E. Phoneme Chart covers Step 3 (Word Building) out of the 10 step lessons used for research-proven reading intervention program
  • Phonemic chart combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning styles to provide an effective study resource for rhymes, blending, and segmentation
  • Vocabulary chart for students can be used for self-practice, one-on-one direct instruction, or for educational vocabulary, spelling, and oral vocalization games
  • Assorted white circles (representing consonant sounds), green circles (vowel sounds), and blue rectangles (syllable stresses) help students practice phonograms and phonics sounds with any variety of words

Product Includes:

  • Phonemic Chart
  • Magnetized White Sound Circles (for Consonant Sounds)
  • Magnetized Green Circles (for Vowel Sounds)
  • Magnetized Blue Rectangles (for Syllable Segmentation)