SPIRE 4th Edition Teacher's Guide, Level 5

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The central resource to teach SPIRE Level 5, this Teacher’s Guide offers step-by-step support for each concept. Explicit, teacher-led instruction is provided for every part of the SPIRE 10-step lesson in an easy-to-follow format.

Each new concept is first presented in an Introductory Lesson, then practiced in Reinforcing Lessons along with previously taught concepts. Concepts are then spiraled through the Reinforcing Lessons to provide comprehensive review.

A Lesson Overview precedes every lesson and references all the materials needed and the activities taught for each step.

Each Teacher’s Guide appendix includes additional teaching resources:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Rereading for fluency directions
  • Sentence dictation directions
  • Alternate dictation words and sentences
  • Annotated workbook
  • List of Phonogram Teaching Cards