Sitton Kindergarten Literacy and Word Skills Practice Books, Set of 5

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Sitton Literacy and Word Skills will provide your Kindergarten students with a strong foundation for the study of spelling and word skills. Each Sourcebook unit contains 4 sections (Building Literacy Skills, Building Word Skills, Extending Vocabulary & Background Knowledge, and Celebrating with Children’s Theater) to help your students obtain these skills and is used in conjunction with the new Grade K Practice Book. The Teacher's Sourcebook for Grade K (sold separately) is necessary for implementation.

Product Features

  • Sitton Kindergarten Literacy and Word Skills workbooks are an educational and entertaining pre-cursor to Grade 1 spelling and writing level Practice Book, with 4 assorted sections to break down learning
  • Building Literacy Skills section helps students build oral language skills through read-alouds, discussion, retelling, and recommended trade books
  • Building Word Skills section helps students build phonemic awareness and phonics skills using rhymes based on stories that feature letters, word families and Core Words
  • Extending Vocabulary and Background Knowledge section lets students participate in cross-curricular activities that develop vocabulary in the context of a range of interesting topics
  • Celebrating with Children’s Theater lets students prepare and present simple story-based plays that help make learning hands-on and fun

Product Includes:

  • 5 Copies of Spelling Workbook for Grade K Students