Sitton Spelling Sourcebook for Teacher, Grade 4, Set of 1 Book and 5 Posters

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This single teacher resource book for Grade 4 contains everything you need in a unit-by-unit format to create a balanced, differentiated spelling and writing program that’s right for your students. Educators will find differentiated activity choices, assessment that produces individualized spelling lists, and spelling tie-ins to vocabulary, literature, phonics, usage, and writing inside. With spelling instruction that transfers to everyday writing, Sitton Spelling and Word Skills includes unique elements that work together to provide students with the spelling, language, and word skills that help them become better writers. Each Sourcebook also includes 5 large Teaching Posters. This is specifically designed to teach and assess the Sitton Spelling Practice Workbooks for Grade 4 students (sold separately).

Product Features

  • This Sourcebook features detailed teacher instructions for the Grade 4 Student Practice Book (sold separately)
  • Each section inside includes highlighted primary concepts and lessons that include what to write on the chalkboard and questions to ask their classroom or the individual student
  • Unit Assessments check where students are in memorizing the 1,200 Core Words
  • Reproducible worksheets and 5 colorful (18 x 24 inch) grade-specific classroom posters provide additional assessment and reinforcement of concepts taught
  • The Sitton Spelling program is aligned to the Common Core Standard and is an excellent spelling and writing resource for classrooms, co-ops, homeschooling, and more

Product Includes:

  • 1 Spelling Instruction Book for Teacher
  • 5 Assorted Spelling Education Posters