Explode The Code Get Ready for the Code, Literacy & Phonics, Book C

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Designed to be used before the Explode The Code Book series, this Get Ready For The Code Book C (the last out of 3 early literacy primer books) helps prepare students for reading and writing by introducing the the sounds of initial and final consonants (c, g, l, q, v, w, y, z, x). New and revised visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities reinforce letter formation, fine motor skills (like left-to-right tracking), phonemic awareness, and sound-letter correspondence. Plus, new review pages cover the initial consonant sounds taught in Get Ready, Get Set, and Go For The Code (Books A to C). Softcover workbook is recommended for Grades PreK to 1.Please note that The Explode The Code Teacher's Guide for Books, A, B, and C in 2nd Edition is required (sold separately) for the listening activities inside this phonics instruction workbook.

Product Features

  • Educational and entertaining pre-literacy workbook for Grade PreK to 1 learners is the last of a 3-book series that together teach the 21 consonants and their sounds
  • Book C activities provide visual identification of consonants c, g, l, q, v, w, y, z, x, their written lowercase forms, and their sound-symbol relationships
  • Students will also practice fine motor skills and letter formation through tracing and writing consonants
  • Matching exercises and other visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities will help develop visual discrimination and letter recognition
  • New review pages cover all the initial consonant sounds taught in Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for The Code (Books A to C)