Making Connections Student Book 4, Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies, Grade 4

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In every Making Connections Student Book, users will find a balance of informational and narrative text, content-area selections that support curriculum standards, and Practice the Skill pages for each text selection. Level 4 is designed for Grade 4 literacy level. Reading strategies that students will practice in this workbook include identifying text structure, questioning, learning cooperatively, understanding vocabulary, monitoring comprehension, summarizing, and more.

Making Connections is a direct, systematic, and highly interactive reading comprehension program that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and teaches students strategies to build their text analysis and comprehension skills. This flexible program employs a scaffolded instructional plan that supports students by modeling, guiding, and then coaching students to reading independence. Fiction and nonfiction texts are tied to content-area topics to prepare students to analyze and interpret diverse materials across content-areas. Full program designed for Grades 1 to 6.

Product Features

  • Making Connections workbook will help your Grade 4 learners become active, strategic readers and to develop key reading comprehension skills and strategies
  • Each unit focuses on a specific reading comprehension skill that is first introduced and then developed through explicit instruction and modeling, pen-to-paper practice exercises, and scaffolded instructional support
  • Support is gradually removed throughout the workbook to ease students into independent reading
  • Variety of engaging fiction stories and high-interest non-fiction (including biographies, science & social study texts, Greek myth, and more) will expose students to relevant grade-level topics and language
  • Text features such as maps, graphs, tables, illustrations and real photos, and glossaries help aid reading comprehension and spiral-based questions after each passage

Product Includes:

Systematic Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies Student Workbook Features:
  • Unit 1: Sequencing (Theme: How Is It Done?)
  • Unit 2: Main Idea (Theme: Inventions and Inventors)
  • Unit 3: Compare and Contrast (Theme: Getting from Here to There)
  • Unit 4: Drawing Conclusions/Predicting Outcomes (Theme: In the Community)
  • Unit 5: Fact and Opinion (In the Ocean)
  • Unit 6: Cause and Effect (Theme: Life in the United States)