Recipe For Reading The Alphabet Series Books, Volume 1, Set of 18 Titles

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This first volume of 18 vocabulary controlled book selections by Frances Bloom and Mary Geiger enables students to apply their phonics skills in context. Each book helps emergent and struggling readers to practice key phonics skills while also simultaneously reading motivating, engaging stories. The stories (labeled 1 to 18) also increase in difficulty as the lessons progress, helping students practice target words and review sounds and sight words.

These Volume 1 storybooks correspond to the first third of the lessons in the Recipe For Reading teacher manual (sold separately). This set reviews: consonant sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant words (short vowels), consonant digraphs, two-syllable compound words, doubling rule for ff-ll-ss-zz, plural words, sight word recognition, automaticity/fluency, and beginning comprehension.

These readers are a part of the Recipe For Reading Series, a comprehensive, multisensory, phonics-based reading program that presents a skill sequence and lesson structure designed for beginning, at-risk, or struggling readers.Recommended for developmental/beginning readers in Grades K to 3 or for intervention/struggling readers in Grades 1 to 6.

Product Features

  • These Alphabet Series Readers provide reading practice geared to the phonogram presentation with target words, sounds, sight words, comprehension through personal writing responses, and more
  • Fictional stories with black-and-white illustrations are engaging and will help students stay motivated to master text and key phonics concepts
  • The Series 1 books (sequentially numbered 1 to 18) correspond to lessons in Student Workbooks 1 and 2 (each sold separately) and cover consonants, short vowels, consonant digraphs, two-syllable compound words, ff/ll/ss/zz, and more
  • Complement this Volume 3 emergent reader series with prior Volumes 1 and 2 (each sold separately) for the full 39-book set

Product Includes:

Set of 18 Readers Include The Following Titles:
  • Book 1: Oops! I See a Cat!
  • Book 2: Tom at the Dam
  • Book 3: Tim the Hog
  • Book 4: Tim and Cal
  • Book 5: Kim and Her Cat
  • Book 6: Jam for Hap and Pam
  • Book 7: Chip Had a Hut
  • Book 8: Gum for a Pup
  • Book 9: A Big Job
  • Book 10: A Hot Rod in a Rut
  • Book 11: A Fin in the Fog
  • Book 12: Get Up, Meg!
  • Book 13: Fun in the Sun
  • Book 14: Tish the Fish
  • Book 15: A Wish for a Yak
  • Book 16: Did Max Quit?
  • Book 17: Yipyap, Too
  • Book 18: My Day (by Meg)