Spellwell, Level DD, Workbook

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Spellwell DD includes the last 15 lessons for fifth grade. Each word list features a different phonetic element or word pattern, and includes 17 - 20 Spellwell words, 2 - 3 Outlaw (high-frequency) words, and additional room for classroom words that can be individualized to meet the needs of each student. The exercises are designed to be completed in 4 days, working 30 minutes each day, with the fifth day of the week designated for the spelling test.

About Spellwell: This flexible spelling series from the author of Explode The Code Spelling was designed for the heterogeneous classroom. It teaches grade-level words that follow a particular pattern as well as words that are chosen by the individual student.

Product Features

  • Exercises include games with rhyming, sorting, and adding affixes, writing exercises, and extension activities
  • Skills addressed include suffixes (-able, -ible, -ify, -ity, -ous, -ture, -ate, -tive), prefixes (en-, ex-, in-, dis-, im-, in-, un-, per-, pre-, pro-, mis-,re-, sub-), words with long u and I, diphthongs (au, ou), sounds of ea, adding suffixes to words ending in -y, word patterns (-ic, -ck, -ical), and plurals (regular and irregular)