Wordly Wise 3000 Small Group Set, 4th Edition, Grade 1

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Help your earliest readers learn new words (and how to use those words in the real world) with Wordly Wise 3000! Equal parts educational and engaging, this Small Group set comes equipped with 10 Student Books that teach key vocabulary through a variety of workbook activities, stories and poems, and captivating illustrations, as well as the Teacher's Resource Package for implementation (which includes Teacher's Resource Book and a set each of Concept Cards and Picture Cards that serve for additional reinforcement). Words that are chosen will help your Grade 1 learners with both reading and oral language skills , and prepare for content-area reading they will encounter in later grade textbooks and tests.

Product Features

  • Provide up to 10 first grade students with direct, explicit vocabulary instruction with this economical workbook and teacher resource book set
  • Grade 1 Student Workbooks make learning new words engaging and effective with read-along storylines and visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities that test reading comprehension
  • Themes of exercises focus on places, jobs, special days, transportation, and art stories that follow a likeable cast of first graders through a series of adventures
  • Concept and Picture Cards feature an illustrated picture on one side and the written word on the opposite to help with reinforcement of each vocabulary word
  • Teacher or parent is provided with extensive lesson plans (with 2-week step-by-step lesson plans), challenge activities, formal and informal assessments , assessment checklists, and more

Product Includes:

Set Includes:
  • 10 Student Workbooks for Grade 1
  • 1 Teacher's Resource Package for Grade 1:
    • 1 Teacher's Resource Book
    • 1 Set of Concept Cards
    • 1 Set of Picture Cards