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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question about using the ecommerce site, MyAccount, placing or paying for orders, or other support and do not find the answer here or on one of our other pages, please contact us!

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Log in & Registration

Q: Why haven't I received a response to my request for an organizational account?

A: We've made a significant change to our registration process and to our validation process for organizational users and all registration requests should receive a response or activation within two business days. Organizational accounts require an official email address associated with your school or district prior to activation. If you registered as an organizational users and believe you are still waiting on a response, please contact our Account Management team at with your name, email address, and your school name.

Q: How can I fix my account if I accidentally registered for an individual account when I need an organizational account?

A: If you believe you have registered for the wrong account type, please contact our Account Management team at with your name, email address, and your school name and state. They will look up your account, confirm the account type, and make any corrections needed.

Q: Should I register for an organizational account if I don't want to purchase online but just want to review and pay invoices online?

A: Yes, you should register for an organizational account to access your school or district's complete purchasing history with EPS Learning; view, print, or pay invoices and statements; review and submit support cases, and more.

Requesting Quotes

Q: Why do I get an error when I try to add products to a quote?

A: Users with Individual/Personal type accounts do not have access to request quotes. Please put any desired items directly into your cart and proceed to checkout. Quote requests are only available to Organizational type users.

Q: Why can't I check out from the quote I created?

A: Once you request a quote through the site, our sales team reviews it for completeness, tax exemption, and correct shipping charges before returning to you for purchase. Quotes require valid billing and shipping addresses and to be in "Quote Reviewed by Sales" status before the Review and Purchase button is enabled. If you are still experiencing issues, please print your quote and send it to with your purchase order. To place a secure credit card order over the phone, please call 800.225.5750 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:30pm.

Q: When I print my quote PDF why doesn't it show a total amount?

A: You can access a copy of your quote request in MyAccount as soon as you have submitted it to our sales team. Until your quote is in "Reviewed by Sales" status the total amount is not final and may be missing shipping information or have unexpected tax charges. Once your request has been reviewed by our team the total amount will be available on the PDF printout.


Q: Why does my order show tax? My school is tax-exempt.

A: If your school is tax-exempt but your cart online is showing taxes there are two possible reasons. You may have inadvertently registered for an Individual/Personal account, which is subject to applicable local sales tax. If you registered for an Organizational account and your cart includes tax, we do not have a valid tax exemption certificate on file for your school or district. Please do not proceed with checkout and send a copy of your tax exemption certificate to along with your online account email and school name.

Q: Why can't I check out using a P.O.?

A: All registered users at can checkout using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). Only users with approved Organizational accounts assigned institutions that have payment terms available will have the "Pay by Invoice" option available to them at checkout. NOTE: Effective June 4, 2024 we have temporarily disabled payment by invoice for eligible accounts while we make adjustments to our Organizational user validation process. To place an order via purchase order while this feature is disabled, please email a copy of your purchase order and any applicable quote to


Q: How do I access MyAccount?

A: Once you are a registered and activated Individual/Personal or Organizational user, you will be directed to your MyAccount overview page after login. Your account can be accessed at any time after logging in by clicking your name at the top of the site and choosing Account Overview.

Q: What information can I find in MyAccount?

A: All users can access their online and offline purchase history with EPS Learning, along with order status and tracking information, wish lists, quick reordering, in stock notifications, profile management, and support cases. Organizational users can additional request, view, and manage sales quotes and view, reprint, and pay invoices and statements.