Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Classroom Set with 25 Books, 4th Edition, Grade 1

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Wordly Wise 3000 for Grade 1 develops key oral vocabulary skills necessary for literacy success and prepares students for the content-area reading they will encounter in later grades. The book features colorful, adorable illustrations designed to help keep kids focused while vocabulary words and concepts are introduced through teacher-led activities that integrate coloring, sequencing, match words with illustrations, and more. The oral and visual focus meets young students' developmental needs and supports ELL students and struggling students.

The flexible lesson plans feature 20-25 minute lessons to be given 3-4 times per week. Both formal and informal assessments are included, which can be given individually or in small groups. Words were selected from The Living Word Vocabulary and The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists.

Product Features


  • 25 copies of Student Book K
  • 1 Teacher's Resource Package K (1 Teacher's Resource Book, 1 set of Concept Cards, 1 set of Picture Cards)

Product Includes:

  • 25 Student Books
  • 1 Teacher's Resource Book
  • 1 Set of Concept Cards
  • 1 Set of Picture Cards